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So here it is, better late than never as they say. We had some technical troubles which stopped us for upping it earlier (Zee Breezy’s hard drive failed and he lost everything; ouch!).

Anyway, everyone here is from East London, fitting considering this is after all a Grime track. Hope you’re feeling my verse, and of course the tune!

Unbelievable tune. Vocalled by Marger, produced and featured on by someone who I rate very highly; Sibling. Fair play, I hadn’t heard much of Marger before I went to the video shoot, but he really does take the track by the scruff of the neck and reminds you what the sound of gritty London is. The whole package is top, inclusive of the video direction and I think this will most definitely heat up the streets.

Watch out for my little fight scene cameo, and also that of my good friend Zee Breezy.

I wrote this a little while ago and got Naye to jump on the hook in a session at Zee Breezy’s studio. Strangely enough, I never ended up recording my vocals, but I felt too strongly about the song to let it just slide so I recorded them a few days ago, packaged them and here we are! This is “Just Friends”, a refix of Musiq Soulchild’s classic Neo Soul anthem (one of my favourite tunes!)

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