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Say ‘Cheers’

I know, I know. I’m professional musician, how can I be camera-shy? But I am. Not entirely sure as to why or how this state of mind came about, but I can only assume it’s because I’d already taken enough photos for an entire lifetime by the age of 10. It was around that age I guess I “grew up” and began to morph into that teenager we all became – you know, the one that says “do I have to?” And I quickly learned that I didn’t have to, so I didn’t take them.

But I regret that, I regret it a lot. They say you shouldn’t have regrets in life but I think it’s fine to have them, because for me anyway, they keep me wanting to better myself. There are a lot of family memories which I wish I was part of, but I’m not. There are a lot of times when even as an artist I should have documented my journey, but I didn’t. But that’s something I’m trying to address. We’re in an age of incredible technology now, where the average consumer has a wealth of image capturing devices at his/her disposal, so whether I like it or not, I will get snapped. So I’ve come to accept it, and as a result my guard is down and my mind is open… a little more than before at least (still getting there!).  Next time you try to take a picture, I’ll do my best to pose instead of pull my jumper over my head, or punch you in the face and run off like I’ve done on so many occasions.

Oh, and also, I recently had a photo shoot with a really good photographer called Niran of – you can see the images via Facebook by clicking HERE.



Tick Tock

Imagine feeling so ill that a single work related thought did not pass through your mind for a whole week. Ok, well not not a single one, but less than a handful, of which none even slightly tempted your immune system to heal you faster.

I was there!

I’ve spent the past eight days bed ridden with a viral stomach infection, one which only time and not medication can cure. I’m nearly there, and now it’s time to start building strength again – not just physically, but mentally too. I was at one of the most productive and pivotal points in my career thus far, and it seems to all have been put on ice out of the blue.

But what this opportunity has given me is a better sense of time – how quickly time passes. Before you know it we will be middle-aged, sipping red wine in our cosy arm chairs, winding down the pace of life. Make your health count  while you have it.

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