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First day of the new month. Thought I’d take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped support the single release. So far we’ve had coverage from the likes of Radio 1, 1Xtra, SBTV, SoulCulture, and many more – this really couldn’t happen without the various people working tirelessly behind the scenes for me.

We’re submitting to various TV channels over the course of the week.

If you haven’t yet seen it, here’s the music video, ft. Cynthia Erivo – shot by Chas Appeti and Simon Dewey:

And the behind the scenes video:

Precisely a year ago, I was wandering around Oxford Street with my good friend Michael ‘Forte’ Chang. We noticed there was some sort of uprising, and after walking further to discover what was going on, we saw an even greater sea of chaos. The first thought which popped into my mind was “this is history, we need to capture it”. The second thought was “via music”. We ran back to my flat not far from the location, grabbed your standard point and shoot camera (no better than a modern phone) and hit record. This my friends, was the outcome:

Been so busy handling the promo for the video itself, that I actually couldn’t summon the energy to blog it with my usual bit of prose. But here we are, precisely one week since the visuals dropped, and at least we now have the luxury of hindsight.

I’m very happy with how it turned out – the boys over at PHDLDN (directors) allowed me to incorporate my creative vision to the fullest. I wanted to capture the essence of performance, together with the sense of movement, and partnered with the use of minimal editing, creative camera play and good colour grading. Well, we have that.

It’s a warm up video, and so the key was to not get ahead of ourselves and maintain the middle ground between action and cutting. Seeing as my Exhibit A video worked so well, I thought it would be best to encapsulate some of that guerilla-style production value.

It’s been received well by various media outlets, with bloggers including DJ Semtex, SoulCulture, Hip Hop Chronicle, Yin&Yang, True Tiger and We Plug Good Music for example. The track was also placed on the A-list for a second week over at 107.3 Reprezent FM. I hope there is lots more good news to come, but for now.. lose your balance:

Also, here’s a little bonus, behind the scenes footage which was recorded via my friend Fuzzy Phase‘s mobile. The verse and outro is the actual take we used for the video!

Here’s a brand new track which I recorded recently. It’s a refix of J Cole’s Losing My Balance, taken from his The Warm Up mixtape. The track (in particular the music) really resonated with me on a deep level, so I felt to discuss some issues that I was going through at the time. I guess you could say it’s a very personal song, and I wanted to encapsulate that in the recording phase, so I ensured that the process was continuous from beginning to end – literally – if you listen closely you can even tell small differences between the choruses. I also wanted to incorporate a slightly different feel to J Cole’s version for the hook, so I worked out a singing part, as well as a couple of harmonies and brought in a friend of mine (Theo Llewelyn) to lay them down in some sort of hybrid Caribbean/Portuguese type accent. I shot a video to this a couple of days ago which should be online very soon! In the mean time, listen here:
If you’d like to download the track, you can get it from: 

Unfortunately the much anticipated music video I recently shot for Travellin’ will not be made available for public viewing. My team and I had to make the decision after viewing the edit to not put it out for various reasons – the main ones being that it was neither an accurate representation of who I am/what I do, nor the vision I approached the director with to develop further.

It sets back my plans of course, the mixtape (Breakfast) I was going to drop in accompaniment has now had to be pushed to a later date, and so have other related projects which were pivotal to my future. But it is this kind of decision which is a testament to how much I deeply believe in becoming a success in the manner that best suits my persona.

Some new work will be dropping soon, and rest assured it will be very much the Cynikal you have come to know. Thank you for your patience, Happy Halloween.

This is the awesome debut video from my good friends over at MLKnCRL, put together by Souleymane Films. It’s a really strong visual, and the song (my personal favourite from their EP Everyday’s A Wednesday) is daring mixture of different conceptual ideas.

I had a really great time leading the mix-engineering duties for this tune and a few others on their album, so the project is quite close to my heart. Nice to see the beginnings of what I believe to be an upward spiral of big, big things.


After the success of the tune last year, I thought it might be cool to upload the instrumental of Naive to the public domain. You can stream the beat via SoundCloud and/or download it there too. Would be cool to hear (or even see) some different versions – singers/rappers/dancers/musicians, show me what you got. Send your versions/videos to

Here’s the beat:

And the original tune:

Also, here’s something Courtney Bennett and Zahrah Anderson did over it a few weeks ago:

I was with my boy Forte, dropping him to the nearest station (Oxford Circus) when I saw a flood of protestors swarming the streets of Central London. We went to go and check it out, after all, we were there. The vibe was crazy, total anarchy. It was like Disney Land, but for adults. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and therefore part of me was kind of scared, but despite my initial impressions, the first thing that sprang to mind was the word “opportunity”.

It had to be done, I already knew what track, how I’d do it, and why I’d do it. So after calling up a few videographers I knew (they replied saying they couldn’t make it down in time), I ran back to my flat down the road, grabbed my Canon Ixus 100 (for those of you who don’t know, this is commercially available camera, but with HD video) and got Forte (generally known as a keyboardist/music producer) to film it. I trusted him, he’s been consulting me for years so he knows about my vision and attention to detail. In part, it was probably a better solution to getting a videographer, Forte captured the raw emotion of the aftermath of the riots – the chaos, confusion and stark contrast to what the general perception of London is.

We captured history, a moment in time that can never be recreated and laid a bed of music which is both very personal to me, yet strikes a connection with the scenes surrounding. For you non-Hip Hop fans, the beat is by the infamous Just Blaze, produced for Jay Electronica. Check them both out.

Ronnie Scott’s a couple nights ago was a really good show. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get hold of any video footage, but hopefully this video will make up for it. It’s a visual from my performance at my graduation ceremony last year. I obtained a first (the reason why I went to uni in the first place) and was asked by my lecturers to perform for my fellow students and their parents at Leeds Town Hall. Of course, I wasn’t going to do this without some sort of live element, so I pulled in Samson and Joe from The Street Orchestra to dabble a little percussion and guitar respectively. Not gonna lie, this was potentially one of the most awkward performances I had been asked to do, but I made it work, and thankfully the crowd were receptive to a little bit of Hip Hop in the early afternoon. PS, notice how their soul clap is so ridiculously on point; I guess that may be because it was a hall full of music lecturers, music graduates, and the odd musical parent.

Yo. Here’s the new video from London based rapper/producer VAS. I was on set at the shoot, so you’ll see my lil cameo appearance. Don’t watch the screwface.

On a side note, this video should do the deed for the upcoming Spring months. Has a hint of that oldskool garage vibe I grew up on, mixed with the resurfaced version of garage; bassline. Alcohol in the air type music.

Directed by Quason Matthews.

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