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Initially, my family were not supportive of my musical endeavours. I had to win their respect, and in due time they allowed me to pursue something I was clearly so passionate about.

Two years ago (November 2010), I proudly graduated from Leeds College of Music with first class Honours in BA Music Production. The University invited me to perform at the graduation ceremony, as I was joined on stage by my compadres, The Street Orchestra.

As far as Hip Hop goes, I don’t know if this is something a rapper has done before, but regardless, this achievement will always stand tall in my memory, as that day, I defied whatever stereotype there is of a Hip Hop artist, and that is something I will continue to do throughout my career.



Reading on engineering

I’m just reading books and books right now. I think the power of knowledge is underestimated and overlooked, but those who understand it will no doubt prosper. At the moment my focus is on read about engineering, but once I’ve finished these Uni assignments I will expand my repertoire and keep up to date with what’s happening in the UK market, US market and Global market, commercially and technically!

Here’s my current reading list:

– Mixing Audio by Roey Izhaki
– Modern Recording Techniques by Huber & Runstein
– Thank You and You’re Welcome by Kanye West
– Sound on Sound mag
– RWD mag

I also bought this book for my dad called NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming). It teaches you how to get what you want via speech and body language. I think it’s ESSENTIAL if you want to be successful. Check that out too!



Cool, so the mad rush of getting my deadlines in for Uni has passed, and now I have 12 weeks of non-stop music making (and blogging) at my disposal.
There’s a few loose ends I’ve gotta tie up simultaneously including my mixtape: The Golden Tape. Of course, there’s also the big project aka Trust Me, which is my new single, featuring Seyi. The video shoot should be happening within the next few weeks.
Might be working with Fraser T. Smith (produced for Craig David, Kano, Tinchy, N-Dubz) for the mixdown of Trust Me too, just waiting to hear back!
I’ll also be doing my thing with my band The Street Orchestra over the summer. Considering putting a live-album together for my major 3rd year project at Uni.
And finally.. expect to see projects from me with the likes of:
– Seyi
– Dubplate Drama
– King Kash
– Unreal
– Enigma
For now, I’m out. PEACE.
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