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So, my old friends. It’s been a little while. The past few weeks I have been lucky enough to receive the support of the BBC. I’m truly grateful that a prestigious organisation has taken interest in my work. Here’s some of what’s been going on:

Interview on Yasser’s show:

Cynikal_BBC_Asian_Network Cynikal_Yasser

Listen back:

Watch the video:

Live Lounge: 

Cynikal_Live_Lounge Cynikal_BBC_Live_Lounge

Maida Vale (BBC Introducing Masterclass)


Performing on NYE was a really exciting experience. My friend told me the way you welcome the New Year is the way the rest of it will continue. I sure hope so!

Here’s some footage of pre-gig soundcheck with a brand new setup, where Samson Jatto is playing electronic drumkit and samples, Ryan Robinson on guitar and Chloe Blackwell on backing vocals.

Song title: Jim Beam. Taken from the Breakfast mixtape, which can be downloaded via

Breakfast Mixtape Cover

I’ve purposely left it a while between my last entry and this one. Firstly, I was making up for lost time since spending the best part of four weeks terribly ill; after all, there was the matter of a small mixtape to complete. Secondly, I didn’t want to give too much information away about the tape before it dropped, and for the couple weeks after release, it was important for it to simmer on its own accord. And most importantly, I was fully engrossed in the creative process to the point which nothing else mattered – I hadn’t felt so focussed since I was in my final year at Uni.

Anyway, for those who have the tape already, thanks for downloading, and for those who don’t, you can get here.

If you’d like a bit more information on the process behind the product, have a watch of this interview:

Been so busy handling the promo for the video itself, that I actually couldn’t summon the energy to blog it with my usual bit of prose. But here we are, precisely one week since the visuals dropped, and at least we now have the luxury of hindsight.

I’m very happy with how it turned out – the boys over at PHDLDN (directors) allowed me to incorporate my creative vision to the fullest. I wanted to capture the essence of performance, together with the sense of movement, and partnered with the use of minimal editing, creative camera play and good colour grading. Well, we have that.

It’s a warm up video, and so the key was to not get ahead of ourselves and maintain the middle ground between action and cutting. Seeing as my Exhibit A video worked so well, I thought it would be best to encapsulate some of that guerilla-style production value.

It’s been received well by various media outlets, with bloggers including DJ Semtex, SoulCulture, Hip Hop Chronicle, Yin&Yang, True Tiger and We Plug Good Music for example. The track was also placed on the A-list for a second week over at 107.3 Reprezent FM. I hope there is lots more good news to come, but for now.. lose your balance:

Also, here’s a little bonus, behind the scenes footage which was recorded via my friend Fuzzy Phase‘s mobile. The verse and outro is the actual take we used for the video!

Photos from my 45-minute Lovebox set and beyond, captured by the man known only as Mister Cee.

Date: 16/7/11
Location: Victoria Park.

You can also view this album via Facebook:

When I was on tour with The Street Orchestra in 2009, we found ourselves sharing the stage with a whole host of young, gifted British individuals. One of them was beatboxer Lippicool. Here’s an archive video he just uploaded from backstage, way back when, of us putting a little something together spontaneously:

I remember when I first heard the original song, I was playing a gig at the opening night of my family’s new bar/restaurant – Kuku’s Nest. It’s one of those songs that hits you – the melodic line was infectious and the groove was nuts. Every other part of it was well constructed too. A few weeks on, my mate Unreal crafts a remix of the tune with his collaborator, Operator. Didn’t even know the acapella was available at this point, but I was looking to buy the single in any case; the single had the acapella on it (cop it from iTunes!).

So anyway, here is MY version of what I already thought was a great song. This will be my last bit of production work for a little while as I’ll be focussing on my solo projects, so I hope you enjoy, and if you do you can download it for free from HERE

Something new, over the classic Just Blaze beat from Jay-Z’s Black Album.

London born Jessie J has already written hits for Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus and more. Now she’s set to take the industry by storm as a solo artist. This acoustic rendition of her track is a perfect example of what she embodies. Immense talent.

Check out the new track, featuring myself:

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