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On October 26th, 2010, I became the first Hip Hop act in Ronnie Scott’s 50-year history to play on the upper level of the bar.
This is Exhibit A, live with The Street Orchestra.

Here’s a little clip of us rehearsing one of my new tracks at Terminal Studios.



Friday night with Jonathan Ross

Managed to get hold of VIP tickets for the filming of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross last week, thanks to my dad. Jay-Z and Colin Farrell were the main guests. It was a pretty cool experience, and was interesting to see the way Jigga presents himself in interviews. His performance was good too, bringing out his infamous band (with Tony Royster Jr on drums!!!). Wasn’t really feeling On To The Next One until they played it live! Guess it shows you the power of the live format!

Been mixing a couple of projects the last few days and The Street Orchestra EP has been re-mastered. Expect to see some of the projects before the end of the month!

Gigging with my live Hip Hop band The Street Orchestra across the UK at the end of the month. Only 7 days until the tour kicks off. Dates, venues & Facebook event links as follows:

Saturday 24th – @ Nottingham Arts Theatre, Nottingham.

Sunday 25th – @ Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London.

Monday 26th – @ The Emerging Proms, Roundhouse, Camden, London.
Tuesday 27th – @ The Crescent Theatre, Birmingham.

Wednesday 28th – @ Sheffield Hallam Student Union, Sheffield.

Thursday 29th – @ Surrey Uni

Friday 30th – School of Music, Leeds Uni, Leeds.

Saturday 31st – Charlie Wrights International Bar, Hoxton, London.


DJ Ivansix

Yo! Been searchin for a high calibre DJ for a while but I can finally reveal that my official DJ will be.. yes you got it! DJ IVAN6.
Very sick DJ, you can expect to see him playing live with me and maybe even my band: The Street Orchestra. Peep some of his cuts on
Anyway, check back for the scoop soon, should have some interesting projects confirmed in the next few days.



Cool, so the mad rush of getting my deadlines in for Uni has passed, and now I have 12 weeks of non-stop music making (and blogging) at my disposal.
There’s a few loose ends I’ve gotta tie up simultaneously including my mixtape: The Golden Tape. Of course, there’s also the big project aka Trust Me, which is my new single, featuring Seyi. The video shoot should be happening within the next few weeks.
Might be working with Fraser T. Smith (produced for Craig David, Kano, Tinchy, N-Dubz) for the mixdown of Trust Me too, just waiting to hear back!
I’ll also be doing my thing with my band The Street Orchestra over the summer. Considering putting a live-album together for my major 3rd year project at Uni.
And finally.. expect to see projects from me with the likes of:
– Seyi
– Dubplate Drama
– King Kash
– Unreal
– Enigma
For now, I’m out. PEACE.
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