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I’ve had this in the locker for a little while now. Written when Lil Wayne’s anthem was still fresh on the radar in 2008, this version is something I never got round to recording. However, having tracked it last week, here it is:

I remember when I first heard the original song, I was playing a gig at the opening night of my family’s new bar/restaurant – Kuku’s Nest. It’s one of those songs that hits you – the melodic line was infectious and the groove was nuts. Every other part of it was well constructed too. A few weeks on, my mate Unreal crafts a remix of the tune with his collaborator, Operator. Didn’t even know the acapella was available at this point, but I was looking to buy the single in any case; the single had the acapella on it (cop it from iTunes!).

So anyway, here is MY version of what I already thought was a great song. This will be my last bit of production work for a little while as I’ll be focussing on my solo projects, so I hope you enjoy, and if you do you can download it for free from HERE

So here it is, better late than never as they say. We had some technical troubles which stopped us for upping it earlier (Zee Breezy’s hard drive failed and he lost everything; ouch!).

Anyway, everyone here is from East London, fitting considering this is after all a Grime track. Hope you’re feeling my verse, and of course the tune!

“You can try your best to let someone go because you don’t make that intellectual connection, but  somehow still fall to the powers of physical attraction..”. That’s the description on the Youtube video, and it pretty much sums up the track. I’m sure many of you have been in that position. I wrote this based partly on personal experience, but there are some fictional ideas in there too. Overall though, it’s probably a fair reflection of how I feel about relationships right now.

Heard the original of this tune and thought the vocal writing was pretty cool. Had an urge to write some music to it and here we are. Produced, mixed and mastered by myself.

I decided to put my spin on a well written song. Was going for a “throwback” sort of vibe, so I incorporated this during the composition and mixing stages. The 90s dance element also appealed to me somewhat. Hope you enjoy.

In case you was curious, or needed a reminder, here is the original:

Chris Brown brings together an all star team for the highly anticipated remix of his song Deuces. The track features Drake, T.I., Kanye, Fabolous and Andre 3000 (in that order). Fresh out the kitchen, just came out today.

In all honesty, I’m not feeling it at all. Transitions are horrible, and they removed the strong chorus that was in the original.

Check out the new track, featuring myself:

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