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“You can try your best to let someone go because you don’t make that intellectual connection, but  somehow still fall to the powers of physical attraction..”. That’s the description on the Youtube video, and it pretty much sums up the track. I’m sure many of you have been in that position. I wrote this based partly on personal experience, but there are some fictional ideas in there too. Overall though, it’s probably a fair reflection of how I feel about relationships right now.



The Creps!

Trainers Puma

What’s up world,

Feeling quite mashed/majorly tired at the moment. Spent the whole day working on a couple of projects: Firstly, there’s a concept called “Go”. It’s got a Pharell/Will.I.Am/Kanye vibe going on musically. Lyrically, I’m not too sure in which direction I want to take it in yet, I will probably look into that tomorrow. I know that I want the concept to be about journeying to somewhere mentally/physically i.e. feeling good, it’s just a matter of how I choose to express it. Might try out something different with the flow and delivery..

Secondly, I was playing around with the Vocoder plug-in on Logic. Obviously it would be nice to have an actual Vocoder, but I think Logic does a pretty good job at replicating the vintage gear. The Vocoder is quite interesting. It’s used in some of my favourite R&B tracks, so naturally when I was playing with it, I ended up making an R&B beat. I think it might have a place in Hip Hop though, kinda like how Dilla pulled it out on E=MC2. I’m gonna investigate and see what I can do over the next couple days.

In other news, I bought some trainers from Size yesterday, but they had some fat scratch! They were the last pair as well. They gave my money back, so I’m jus gonna check back again in a few days when they get their new stock. They better get more in stock or I’ll be PISSED.

Anyway, signin out. CY.

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