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It feels good to be back.

(Prod. by Cynikal)

It’s been 6 months since my debut mixtape ‘Breakfast’ dropped. Just want to say a big thank you to EVERYONE who has downloaded, blogged, published and supported.

We managed to garner features from some of the biggest publications, radio and TV stations in the country, something I am extremely grateful for.

But in all honesty, the key thing was being able to deliver an honest snapshot of my thoughts and feelings in recent times, and to have people appreciate it.

Thank you for listening. On to the next one!


Initially, my family were not supportive of my musical endeavours. I had to win their respect, and in due time they allowed me to pursue something I was clearly so passionate about.

Two years ago (November 2010), I proudly graduated from Leeds College of Music with first class Honours in BA Music Production. The University invited me to perform at the graduation ceremony, as I was joined on stage by my compadres, The Street Orchestra.

As far as Hip Hop goes, I don’t know if this is something a rapper has done before, but regardless, this achievement will always stand tall in my memory, as that day, I defied whatever stereotype there is of a Hip Hop artist, and that is something I will continue to do throughout my career.

Recorded at the EMI Studio, Roundhouse in 2009 with The Street Orchestra. Features on the live EP “688 Sessions”.

After the success of the tune last year, I thought it might be cool to upload the instrumental of Naive to the public domain. You can stream the beat via SoundCloud and/or download it there too. Would be cool to hear (or even see) some different versions – singers/rappers/dancers/musicians, show me what you got. Send your versions/videos to

Here’s the beat:

And the original tune:

Also, here’s something Courtney Bennett and Zahrah Anderson did over it a few weeks ago:

Yo. Here’s the new video from London based rapper/producer VAS. I was on set at the shoot, so you’ll see my lil cameo appearance. Don’t watch the screwface.

On a side note, this video should do the deed for the upcoming Spring months. Has a hint of that oldskool garage vibe I grew up on, mixed with the resurfaced version of garage; bassline. Alcohol in the air type music.

Directed by Quason Matthews.

“You can try your best to let someone go because you don’t make that intellectual connection, but  somehow still fall to the powers of physical attraction..”. That’s the description on the Youtube video, and it pretty much sums up the track. I’m sure many of you have been in that position. I wrote this based partly on personal experience, but there are some fictional ideas in there too. Overall though, it’s probably a fair reflection of how I feel about relationships right now.

I saw this when it came up a couple days ago, but I thought I would reserve judgement until I had time to let it simmer. The tune is big (the beat, the concept, the collabo and the video) let’s not deny that; Chris Brown no doubt will maximise his reputation after delivering this vocal masterclass, but I can’t help but feel Chip brought his average Oopsy Daisy rhymes onto possibly the record of 2011? As a RAPPER, I really don’t see anything special from the Chipmunk which promised so much when he was a Grime MC. He sounds out of his depth, and though his bars show the occasional flash of artistry, I don’t think it’s enough. Seems as though he is making a cameo on his own track.

To be honest it’s just a field day for Chris Brown to increase his exposure in the UK in the aftermath of a career which stagnated since the Rihanna incident. CB has around 3 minutes out of the 4 minutes of the tune.. Need I say more? What do you think..

I wrote this a little while ago and got Naye to jump on the hook in a session at Zee Breezy’s studio. Strangely enough, I never ended up recording my vocals, but I felt too strongly about the song to let it just slide so I recorded them a few days ago, packaged them and here we are! This is “Just Friends”, a refix of Musiq Soulchild’s classic Neo Soul anthem (one of my favourite tunes!)

Something new, over the classic Just Blaze beat from Jay-Z’s Black Album.

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