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Love the new Hammers kit. Nice little throwback to the Bobby Moore/Billy Bonds days. Can’t wait to skipper the team out in this when I fall asleep tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the most incredible girl band you will ever see, hear or smell. I had the pleasure of watching these girls play live at Shoreditch House once upon a time and was blown away (not really knowing what to expect). My friend Neo Joshua (if you remember her from my video Things Change) is one of the members, and in fact wrote this song. I think the video is remarkable, and I’m more impressed by this group by the day. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were nominated for the BBC Sound of 2012 next year. Anyway, check it out, spread it round, but most of all, enjoy!

I saw this when it came up a couple days ago, but I thought I would reserve judgement until I had time to let it simmer. The tune is big (the beat, the concept, the collabo and the video) let’s not deny that; Chris Brown no doubt will maximise his reputation after delivering this vocal masterclass, but I can’t help but feel Chip brought his average Oopsy Daisy rhymes onto possibly the record of 2011? As a RAPPER, I really don’t see anything special from the Chipmunk which promised so much when he was a Grime MC. He sounds out of his depth, and though his bars show the occasional flash of artistry, I don’t think it’s enough. Seems as though he is making a cameo on his own track.

To be honest it’s just a field day for Chris Brown to increase his exposure in the UK in the aftermath of a career which stagnated since the Rihanna incident. CB has around 3 minutes out of the 4 minutes of the tune.. Need I say more? What do you think..

This is so well put together! My good friend Neo Joshua plays a lead role towards the end (2:06). Great stuff.

The track is cool, but I wouldn’t go out and say it will be the best track on the album as Swizzy did.

Video clip from Kanye’s first ever UStream, where he previews potentially the single after Power. Very big tune I must say!

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