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Over the years I’ve listened to and absorbed so many different brands of music, either as single tracks, mixtapes or albums. The challenge of making an album which works as a uniform force throughout is huge, and there aren’t too many albums that I’ve heard that can capture my attention through the entire journey. I decided to compile a list of ten of these that are the most influential in forming the person I am today.

Of course, I’ve left out some classic albums, artists/producers I deeply admire, and genres which are far more diverse than those stated here, but I wanted to be true to myself, take a step back and really analyse what was more than just music, more than just art, and was in fact a catalyst to my formative creative process. Not all of them fit my taste palette any more, or give me the same buzz as when I was in that state of mind, but they are nevertheless the soundtrack to my first few years of being an active musician. So without further ado:

1. 2Pac – R U Still Down?
2. Craig David – Born To Do It
 3. D’Angelo – Voodoo
 4. Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP
 5. Eminem – The Eminem Show
 6. Kev Brown Mixtape
7. Lloyd – Lessons In Love
8. Marques Houston – MH
9. Michael Jackson – Thriller
10. R. Kelly –

* In alphabetical order

A few which I believe deserve an honourable mention as they narrowly missed out include Common’s “Be”, Kanye West’s “College Dropout”, Kevin Mark Trail’s “Sketches”, Mario’s “Turning Point” and  Ryan Leslie’s “Transition”.



Young Cynikal

I miss being a kid. Fond memories of coming home after school to take a nap and then watch Nickelodeon for the entire evening have been replaced with elements of deep responsibility and a plethora of serious activities. Not saying growing up is a bad thing, everybody needs to morph into their future self at some point, but it’s sad knowing that certain aspects of life are behind us forever. But as they say, when one door closes, another one opens.

Either way, I still take naps now and again, and if I had Sky in my flat, I’d still watch Nickelodeon – just to keep in touch with my inner child – the little guy (or girl) that still lives within us all.

One of my heroes, Michael Jackson, stated that children are unimaginably important to society, and we should seek to be more like them; not childish, but child-like, because within them lies a lot of truth, innocence, wonder and joy. I’m definitely going to try for as long as possible to keep that bond with my former self, because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be me.

Talent always shines through and this was demonstrated in Chris Brown’s incredible BET Awards performance last night. He’s already done similar tributes many times at his own shows, but this has got to be the one that re-ignites a career in tatters after the Rihanna controversy.

This is a track I produced for up and coming artist Séyi. It’s a cover of Adele’s Hometown Glory. Wanted to take it in a Michael Jackson ish direction. Enjoy!

I am deeply devastated with the loss of my idol and inspiration, Michael Jackson. It’s taken me a few days to even begin writing this blog, as I tried to pretend like it was something that didn’t happen, but I guess it’s time to deal with it.
Michael Jackson was my hero, the reason why I love music and the reason why I make music. It is so sad to know that there will be no more new material from the most talented artist of all time, but I am thankful to have lived in his era and experience his journey.
R.I.P MJ, we miss you already.
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