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Performing on NYE was a really exciting experience. My friend told me the way you welcome the New Year is the way the rest of it will continue. I sure hope so!

Here’s some footage of pre-gig soundcheck with a brand new setup, where Samson Jatto is playing electronic drumkit and samples, Ryan Robinson on guitar and Chloe Blackwell on backing vocals.

Song title: Jim Beam. Taken from the Breakfast mixtape, which can be downloaded via


Last night I witnessed the London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony in the flesh. It was the single most patriotic moment I’ve felt in my life, but not because the show was so overwhelming (although it was), but because the entire nation felt the full force of two weeks worth of positive, heroic and jubilant spirit.

The London 2012 slogan reads “Inspire a generation“, but I think it will do much more than that. We are so fortunate to have had the honour of once again being named host city, and the challenge to stage the most important sporting event in history was enormous – but as Seb Coe stated at the end of his closing comments, “… we did it right“.

Dark Knight is a song I wrote and produced some years ago now; four to be precise. Some of you may even remember me uploading the instrumental to MySpace for a short period of time. The reason why it’s taken so long for it to surface is because I didn’t quite know how it would fit into my evolution as an artist. But with the release of the new Batman film (The Dark Knight Rises), I felt compelled to share with the world what is one of my favourite songs.

The video concept is simple – remember that scene from the film Unbreakable (starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson), right at the end, where Bruce Willis is hooded, walking through a crowded train station, brushing past the commuters? And every time he makes contact with a person, he can see the wrongs they have done in their life? That’s the exact image I wanted to encapsulate, except with the undertone of being the ‘Dark Knight of London’. By the end of the visual, I arrive at the West End première of the Batman film. Watch it here:

Precisely a year ago, I was wandering around Oxford Street with my good friend Michael ‘Forte’ Chang. We noticed there was some sort of uprising, and after walking further to discover what was going on, we saw an even greater sea of chaos. The first thought which popped into my mind was “this is history, we need to capture it”. The second thought was “via music”. We ran back to my flat not far from the location, grabbed your standard point and shoot camera (no better than a modern phone) and hit record. This my friends, was the outcome:

UpRise Festival 2011

Full album on:

At Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club 2011

Full album on:

Recorded at the EMI Studio, Roundhouse in 2009 with The Street Orchestra. Features on the live EP “688 Sessions”.

Photos from my 45-minute Lovebox set and beyond, captured by the man known only as Mister Cee.

Date: 16/7/11
Location: Victoria Park.

You can also view this album via Facebook:

I remember when I first heard the original song, I was playing a gig at the opening night of my family’s new bar/restaurant – Kuku’s Nest. It’s one of those songs that hits you – the melodic line was infectious and the groove was nuts. Every other part of it was well constructed too. A few weeks on, my mate Unreal crafts a remix of the tune with his collaborator, Operator. Didn’t even know the acapella was available at this point, but I was looking to buy the single in any case; the single had the acapella on it (cop it from iTunes!).

So anyway, here is MY version of what I already thought was a great song. This will be my last bit of production work for a little while as I’ll be focussing on my solo projects, so I hope you enjoy, and if you do you can download it for free from HERE

Yo. Here’s the new video from London based rapper/producer VAS. I was on set at the shoot, so you’ll see my lil cameo appearance. Don’t watch the screwface.

On a side note, this video should do the deed for the upcoming Spring months. Has a hint of that oldskool garage vibe I grew up on, mixed with the resurfaced version of garage; bassline. Alcohol in the air type music.

Directed by Quason Matthews.

Unbelievable tune. Vocalled by Marger, produced and featured on by someone who I rate very highly; Sibling. Fair play, I hadn’t heard much of Marger before I went to the video shoot, but he really does take the track by the scruff of the neck and reminds you what the sound of gritty London is. The whole package is top, inclusive of the video direction and I think this will most definitely heat up the streets.

Watch out for my little fight scene cameo, and also that of my good friend Zee Breezy.

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