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Started work on this new project called “Let You Down” a couple weeks back. It was initially a concept beat I created as part of my “5 beats in 2 hours” studio session with my then manager Kola Bello. Didn’t really know what to do with it, and to be honest, didn’t even know if it was the kind of beat that would inspire me enough to take it further. It was good, but still very bare as I made it in 10 minutes.

Fast forward one year, and within two weeks I’ve pretty much got it near completion. Cynthia Erivo [Youtube her], a vocalist who has graced stages alongside established artists such as Fantasia and Mario features on the hook, with some progressive vocals from myself. I tried something a little different flow wise, and lyrically it’s on the same sort of level as my Exhibit A track, where I tried to attack the tune from a poetic angle. Courtney Bennett also makes a subtle appearance in the form of some additional backing vocals, to thicken out the harmonic pad Cynthia already dropped under her lead. Her tone complimented Cynthia’s in a way which I don’t think another vocalist I know could.

Joe Newman – Let You Down Guitar

Dragged Joe Newman from The Street Orchestra/Parallel on the track as I knew the track needed some almost rock-type acoustic guitar, and we figured out a part which I challenge any guitarist-producer combo to better! Fits really nicely with the emotion of the piano part. The interesting part of this recording was the fact that we recorded in my BEDROOM as opposed to my dad’s studio. Got a nice sound, the room resonated nicely after I covered a couple walls with duvets. Didn’t want to fully dampen so a couple of the walls were kept bare. Still had some high-end gear in the room though.

The full set-up included my MacBook Pro, Neumann U87ai, Shure SM57, Apogee Duet, HD25’s, DT150s and my Soundcraft mixer. Although the guitar is a mono instrument, I wanted to give it a stereo field (without the use of double tracking) so I used the SM57 towards for the body, to create a gritty low end sound, and the U87 to pick up the fretboard’s intricacies. Panned left and right it sounds beautiful, and far better than a double tracked section that would be messy in context of how many instruments I have going on in the track!

The track will up towards the end of Jan. Merry Xmas!

Been a little while since my last entry, but believe that I have been working very hard to improve my craft yet further still.
Had a lot of gigs in recent weeks, mainly with my band; would like to send a shout to everyone who came down to support and obviously all of the promoters that booked us.
Also ventured overseas to Sweden to play an exclusive set with World Beatbox Heavyweight Faith SFX and my good friend Forte on keys. Definately an experience!! (our flight got cancelled on the way back and we ended up in Germany for some reason). Shout out to Orcane for booking us for that one too. Check out video footage HERE.
Most notably, things have been moving fast with the band; a lot of gigs, a recording session with EMI, the introduction of a new member (the whizzkid known as Kola Bello), and the sad parting of ways with founding member and keyboardist Jacob Dyer. We wish him the utmost best, but no doubt you will see him playing guest keys for us at some point.
A lot has happened in the last couple of months, musically and personally, some of it too long to explain, some of it doesn’t need an explanation just yet. Either way it’s been an eventful Summer period, one which I feel has seen me grow a lot as an artist and ultimately start to realise my potential and where my place in the music industry is.
Stay tuned.. there are A LOT of exciting adventures I’m about to embark on. I will post up when I can and keep you informed as the news breaks.
Thank you so much for supporting and continuing to do so.
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