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Over the years I’ve listened to and absorbed so many different brands of music, either as single tracks, mixtapes or albums. The challenge of making an album which works as a uniform force throughout is huge, and there aren’t too many albums that I’ve heard that can capture my attention through the entire journey. I decided to compile a list of ten of these that are the most influential in forming the person I am today.

Of course, I’ve left out some classic albums, artists/producers I deeply admire, and genres which are far more diverse than those stated here, but I wanted to be true to myself, take a step back and really analyse what was more than just music, more than just art, and was in fact a catalyst to my formative creative process. Not all of them fit my taste palette any more, or give me the same buzz as when I was in that state of mind, but they are nevertheless the soundtrack to my first few years of being an active musician. So without further ado:

1. 2Pac – R U Still Down?
2. Craig David – Born To Do It
 3. D’Angelo – Voodoo
 4. Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP
 5. Eminem – The Eminem Show
 6. Kev Brown Mixtape
7. Lloyd – Lessons In Love
8. Marques Houston – MH
9. Michael Jackson – Thriller
10. R. Kelly –

* In alphabetical order

A few which I believe deserve an honourable mention as they narrowly missed out include Common’s “Be”, Kanye West’s “College Dropout”, Kevin Mark Trail’s “Sketches”, Mario’s “Turning Point” and  Ryan Leslie’s “Transition”.

I would like to review this properly but it would ruin all of the surprises, so all I’m going to say is the strings, drums and special guests = incredible. Rihanna’s vocals aren’t really at the expected level though, but in fairness her voice sounds like it’s feeling the FX of the Grammys, Brits and NBA all in the same week.

Imagine: if the FA Cup or Champions League final had a show like this.

PS, if you don’t watch until the end, you are going to miss out BIG TIME.

Chris Brown brings together an all star team for the highly anticipated remix of his song Deuces. The track features Drake, T.I., Kanye, Fabolous and Andre 3000 (in that order). Fresh out the kitchen, just came out today.

In all honesty, I’m not feeling it at all. Transitions are horrible, and they removed the strong chorus that was in the original.

The track is cool, but I wouldn’t go out and say it will be the best track on the album as Swizzy did.

Check out the new track, featuring myself:

Video clip from Kanye’s first ever UStream, where he previews potentially the single after Power. Very big tune I must say!

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