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Something new, over the classic Just Blaze beat from Jay-Z’s Black Album.



Friday night with Jonathan Ross

Managed to get hold of VIP tickets for the filming of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross last week, thanks to my dad. Jay-Z and Colin Farrell were the main guests. It was a pretty cool experience, and was interesting to see the way Jigga presents himself in interviews. His performance was good too, bringing out his infamous band (with Tony Royster Jr on drums!!!). Wasn’t really feeling On To The Next One until they played it live! Guess it shows you the power of the live format!

Been mixing a couple of projects the last few days and The Street Orchestra EP has been re-mastered. Expect to see some of the projects before the end of the month!


The Game’s dressing room

Wow, the last few days have been kinda hectic but I’ve finally managed to free up some time to document the event.
Basically, I got a call on Monday from my boy Daniel Hills asking me to jump on his set as the opening act for the Leeds edition of The Game’s UK Tour. To be honest, I aint really a fan of The Game, but it was a chance to get my name out, so you know!
Ended up playing a 2-hour set with Dan, hypin the crowd while he spun the records. Not gonna lie, the crowd seemed kinda dead at first and I thought it was gonna be a long night, but after we dropped some Westcoast shit we got their attention. Turned out to be pretty damn good.
The Game was ok.. came out unnecessarily insulting Jay-Z though. All I’m gonna say is, Jay-Z will most probably merk him.
Was a good experience overall though, will defo welcome more of the same!
Anyway, that’s the news in brief. You can check out the video footage of the night below. PEACE
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