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So here it is, better late than never as they say. We had some technical troubles which stopped us for upping it earlier (Zee Breezy’s hard drive failed and he lost everything; ouch!).

Anyway, everyone here is from East London, fitting considering this is after all a Grime track. Hope you’re feeling my verse, and of course the tune!

Unbelievable tune. Vocalled by Marger, produced and featured on by someone who I rate very highly; Sibling. Fair play, I hadn’t heard much of Marger before I went to the video shoot, but he really does take the track by the scruff of the neck and reminds you what the sound of gritty London is. The whole package is top, inclusive of the video direction and I think this will most definitely heat up the streets.

Watch out for my little fight scene cameo, and also that of my good friend Zee Breezy.




Wow, what an experience. The main stage at Roundhouse, where the likes of James Brown and Jimmy Hendrix have also graced. This is something I’ve been waiting for since I first played with The Street Orchestra in the Studio section of Roundhouse. Of course, last year I played the Outdoor and Cafe stages, as well as the Theatre for the Emerging Proms, but this was the big one.

I’m so thankful to everyone who made it happen, and I mean EVERYONE. Roundhouse staff, Turning Point staff, the band, my friends and my supporters (and anyone else who feels they have helped me but I forgot to mention).

There’s gonna be some video footage up soon, but in the mean while, here’s a couple of snaps:

Turning Point Festival

Dressing Room – Cynikal

Line Up

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