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Yo! My Dubplate Drama series 3 feature is on air this week! The episode will be aired on:
  • Channel 4 – 26th June – 00.15am
  • MTV Base – 30th June – 10:00pm
  • Myspace – online from 27th June
You can catch an example (but not the real thing) of what I’ll be doing on this video:
Make sure you tune into the show and spread the word. For more info on the show (including trailers) check:
Merci beaucoup.



Cool, so the mad rush of getting my deadlines in for Uni has passed, and now I have 12 weeks of non-stop music making (and blogging) at my disposal.
There’s a few loose ends I’ve gotta tie up simultaneously including my mixtape: The Golden Tape. Of course, there’s also the big project aka Trust Me, which is my new single, featuring Seyi. The video shoot should be happening within the next few weeks.
Might be working with Fraser T. Smith (produced for Craig David, Kano, Tinchy, N-Dubz) for the mixdown of Trust Me too, just waiting to hear back!
I’ll also be doing my thing with my band The Street Orchestra over the summer. Considering putting a live-album together for my major 3rd year project at Uni.
And finally.. expect to see projects from me with the likes of:
– Seyi
– Dubplate Drama
– King Kash
– Unreal
– Enigma
For now, I’m out. PEACE.
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