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I saw this when it came up a couple days ago, but I thought I would reserve judgement until I had time to let it simmer. The tune is big (the beat, the concept, the collabo and the video) let’s not deny that; Chris Brown no doubt will maximise his reputation after delivering this vocal masterclass, but I can’t help but feel Chip brought his average Oopsy Daisy rhymes onto possibly the record of 2011? As a RAPPER, I really don’t see anything special from the Chipmunk which promised so much when he was a Grime MC. He sounds out of his depth, and though his bars show the occasional flash of artistry, I don’t think it’s enough. Seems as though he is making a cameo on his own track.

To be honest it’s just a field day for Chris Brown to increase his exposure in the UK in the aftermath of a career which stagnated since the Rihanna incident. CB has around 3 minutes out of the 4 minutes of the tune.. Need I say more? What do you think..

Chris Brown brings together an all star team for the highly anticipated remix of his song Deuces. The track features Drake, T.I., Kanye, Fabolous and Andre 3000 (in that order). Fresh out the kitchen, just came out today.

In all honesty, I’m not feeling it at all. Transitions are horrible, and they removed the strong chorus that was in the original.

London born Jessie J has already written hits for Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus and more. Now she’s set to take the industry by storm as a solo artist. This acoustic rendition of her track is a perfect example of what she embodies. Immense talent.

Talent always shines through and this was demonstrated in Chris Brown’s incredible BET Awards performance last night. He’s already done similar tributes many times at his own shows, but this has got to be the one that re-ignites a career in tatters after the Rihanna controversy.

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