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So many people have been asking wether I’m going to put out an “album” of work any time soon that I eventually had to give in and divulge the master plan.

This Spring, I will be releasing Research and Development, my first solo project in nearly 5 years. The “688 Sessions” EP which I put together with The Street Orchestra was my last release a year and a half ago was the last CD I put out, however it was only available for sale at gigs. Research and Development will be WIDELY available, and will include my best work, featuring some of the most talented singers and musicians I know.

Work already began a little while back. And yep The Street Orchestra are again involved, but their role is different. You will hear why when the time comes! Here’s a snap of my drummer Samson rocking out the drumkit whilst we’re setting up the mics!

Sam on Street Orchestra drums

It’s an exciting time for me, I finally get to show the world what I’ve spent 10 years trying to achieve; a collection of work that will resonate with people on a very deep level. Hopefully Research and Development will affect you (the listener) in the same way as it has affected me thus far in its creation. Onwards and upwards!

The track is cool, but I wouldn’t go out and say it will be the best track on the album as Swizzy did.

Video clip from Kanye’s first ever UStream, where he previews potentially the single after Power. Very big tune I must say!

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