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Initially, my family were not supportive of my musical endeavours. I had to win their respect, and in due time they allowed me to pursue something I was clearly so passionate about.

Two years ago (November 2010), I proudly graduated from Leeds College of Music with first class Honours in BA Music Production. The University invited me to perform at the graduation ceremony, as I was joined on stage by my compadres, The Street Orchestra.

As far as Hip Hop goes, I don’t know if this is something a rapper has done before, but regardless, this achievement will always stand tall in my memory, as that day, I defied whatever stereotype there is of a Hip Hop artist, and that is something I will continue to do throughout my career.


Earlier this month, the acoustic session I recorded for Roundhouse Radio as part of the build up for this year’s Underage Festival aired. Listen back here or via this link:

I played the tunes I’ma Do Me and What’s My Name with Samson (percussion) and Joe (guitar) from The Street Orchestra.

Cynikal-acoustic stream

A few days ago I was scheduled to rehearse with my musicians for a gig we had later that day. At the last minute the gig was pulled, but we decided to rehearse in any case, as Samson (percussion) and Ryan (guitar) were already down. Went through the tracks once, and then had the idea to Ustream us playing the gig material live from the rehearsal.

The first 12 or so minutes we are just warming up/freestyling. The gig starts from 12minutes onwards, with the track Hello. Enjoy!

Stream the recorded video from here:

This is one of the tracks from my set at Verses of The Abstract last night. Hope you enjoy the vibe!

London born Jessie J has already written hits for Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus and more. Now she’s set to take the industry by storm as a solo artist. This acoustic rendition of her track is a perfect example of what she embodies. Immense talent.

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