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Precisely a year ago, I was wandering around Oxford Street with my good friend Michael ‘Forte’ Chang. We noticed there was some sort of uprising, and after walking further to discover what was going on, we saw an even greater sea of chaos. The first thought which popped into my mind was “this is history, we need to capture it”. The second thought was “via music”. We ran back to my flat not far from the location, grabbed your standard point and shoot camera (no better than a modern phone) and hit record. This my friends, was the outcome:

Here’s three recent performance videos I didn’t previously get a chance to post on here:

Lovebox, Victoria Park (footage by The Cut Newspaper):

UpRise Festival, Gillett Square, Dalston:

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, Soho:

Cynikal and The Street Orchestra perform live at the Underage Festival 2011, Victoria Park via the Roundhouse Rising stage.

Photos from my 45-minute Lovebox set and beyond, captured by the man known only as Mister Cee.

Date: 16/7/11
Location: Victoria Park.

You can also view this album via Facebook:

Love the new Hammers kit. Nice little throwback to the Bobby Moore/Billy Bonds days. Can’t wait to skipper the team out in this when I fall asleep tonight.

A couple weeks ago, I had a 45-minute slot on the final day of the Accidental Festival at Roundhouse, Camden. Was a good little vibe, never played in the upstairs bar before. Here’s some snaps taken by Mister Cee:

I would like to review this properly but it would ruin all of the surprises, so all I’m going to say is the strings, drums and special guests = incredible. Rihanna’s vocals aren’t really at the expected level though, but in fairness her voice sounds like it’s feeling the FX of the Grammys, Brits and NBA all in the same week.

Imagine: if the FA Cup or Champions League final had a show like this.

PS, if you don’t watch until the end, you are going to miss out BIG TIME.

Finally, Dre is back with the first single off his first studio album in 12 years! Honestly speaking, I was beginning to doubt whether Dre’s solo sound would fit in a music industry which has changed so much since he dropped his last album. But come on, was he really ever going to fail? I checked out this video when it was maybe on 300 views a couple of days ago. It’s now on 1.3million. There’s a reason why: the tune is absolutely bonkers and the video is crispy. Welcome back Andre!

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