Dark Knight is a song I wrote and produced some years ago now; four to be precise. Some of you may even remember me uploading the instrumental to MySpace for a short period of time. The reason why it’s taken so long for it to surface is because I didn’t quite know how it would fit into my evolution as an artist. But with the release of the new Batman film (The Dark Knight Rises), I felt compelled to share with the world what is one of my favourite songs.

The video concept is simple – remember that scene from the film Unbreakable (starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson), right at the end, where Bruce Willis is hooded, walking through a crowded train station, brushing past the commuters? And every time he makes contact with a person, he can see the wrongs they have done in their life? That’s the exact image I wanted to encapsulate, except with the undertone of being the ‘Dark Knight of London’. By the end of the visual, I arrive at the West End première of the Batman film. Watch it here: