Funny, because I usually associate hangovers with the ideologies of “regret”, “dry mouth” and “the need to vomit”, but maybe for the first time in my life I have a new one; “inspiration”.

It dawned on me today, in my time of reflection (lying in bed paralytic), that if I want to succeed and achieve everything I set out to as a kid, far more work needs to be put in. A culmination of a week long chain of thoughts that has led me to believe that I’ve made the transition from artist-person to just artist, but now I’m at the bottom of a brand-new food chain and have to make my way up with a delicate balance of sheer passion and tactical thinking. I worked hard before, as hard as an artist-person could work but that ain’t enough really. Time to step up – something like that Drake line ” ’cause when all of my closest friends out partying, I’m just here making all of the music that they party to”.

I hope you can come on this journey with me.